Healthcare: Invitation to Patient Portal


What happens after your first visit to a new doctor?

Many healthcare facilities now have online portals where their patients can get vital information like billing and prescription information. Ensuring a smooth onboarding process for getting clients into this system so they can find their information is paramount to success and helps cut down on questions and misunderstandings.

This automation is triggered when a contact subscribes to your list for patients. An email invitation to join the portal is sent to the contact. After a week, an If/Else action checks if the contact has visited the url for the portal and, if not, a gentle reminder email is sent.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they are subscribed to your list.
2. The contact arrives at a Send Email step and is sent an email inviting them to log in to your website.
3. The contact waits for a week at a wait step.
4. The contact continues on to an If/Else action to see if the contact has visited the url of the patient portal.
5. If they have, they go down the Yes path and exit the automation.
6. If they haven't, they go down the No path and get sent an email reminding them to log in.

Note: If you track contacts logging into your patient portal for the first time in a different way, feel free to adjust the condition in the If/Else action.

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