Fitness: Limited Occupancy Class Sign-up


Who's had to deal with a class filling up?

Those who did get in need to know next steps and those who didn't get in can be frustrated and have questions about how to still get into your next event. Automating this process allows you to send out the right message to the right audience and create a better customer experience.

This automation is activated when a contact submits your form to sign up for a class. The contacts are then segmented by a split action, sending a specified number down one path and sending the rest down another once the condition is reached. Both audiences then get a message personalized to their group.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit your form to sign up for your class.
2. The contact arrives at a Split action. The first 20 contacts will go down Path A, and any contacts after that will go down Path B.
3. If the contact goes down Path A, they are sent an email letting them know they are in the class and any next steps needed.
4. If the contact goes down Path B, they are sent an email letting them know the class has filled up and alternate times or classes they could join instead.

Note: In our example, we set the number for the class to be full to 20. Feel free to adjust this to whatever makes sense for your class size.

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