Email Open and Click Tracking Automation - Tag Contacts Who Have or Haven’t Engaged With At Least One Email

Andrew Pfund

This automation tags contacts if they’ve opened or clicked a single email from you anytime in the past. If they haven’t opened or clicked a single email you’ve sent over the past year or longer, there’s a good chance they’re not going to open any other emails from you in the future.

Keeping these un-engaged emails on your email list can negatively impact your email deliverability.

This email engagement tracking automation can be used for…

+ Figuring out which email addresses you should let go of or consider stopping emailing.

+ Auditing your own app’s overall email engagement and health of your email list.

+ Cleaning up your email list and removing old un-engaged email addresses who haven't engaged with any emails.

+ Identifying contacts who have clicked, opened or engaged with at least one email from you in the past.

+ Tagging emails who have clicked at least one email from you.

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