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Are you looking for a way to track a contact's engagement level in Dynamics? Do you want to segment your contacts based on their level of engagement?

Knowing a lead's level of engagement gives vital information to both your marketing and sales teams. Your marketing team using ActiveCampaign's contact & lead scoring feature can see the numerical engagement score and the actions that led to it, but your sales team working in Dynamics may just see a number with no further information in the Dynamics activity history.

Enter the Dynamics engagement sync automation recipe.

Before importing this automation, create a custom field for "Engagement" in both ActiveCampaign and Dynamis with specific engagement score ranges for each engagement level.

This workflow automation changes that numerical score into a text format that is understandable at a glance.

Each of the following engagement levels correspond to the specific lead score ranges:

- Not engaged (0-20)
- Minimally engaged (21-40)
- Engaged (41-60)
- Highly engaged (61+)

You can set specific scores for contact actions, set engagement parameters, and change the engagement ranges to your liking.

Next, use your ActiveCampaign integration for Dynamics to map these custom fields together to sync between platforms. Then you're ready to import this automation recipe.

Here's how this automation works:

1. Choose which engagement score triggers this automation. You could even use the score we created for Create Leads in Dynamics - Part 1, if you use that automation
2. Whenever that score changes based on your contact's actions (or inactions), the contact will enter into this automation
3. A series of If/Else actions checks the contact's current engagement score
4. If their score has increased or decreased to the next engagement level, the "Engagement" field we created earlier will be updated to reflect their current level of engagement
5. This field will then be synced into Dynamics, allowing your sales team to see how a contact's engagement level in real time

Your leads will be segmented based on their levels of engagement in ActiveCampaign and Dynamics, and your sales and marketing teams will be aligned on the engagement status of each contact.

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