Tag New Contacts from Conversations Automation Recipe


When you get a new contact from an online chat, there's a welcome series email sequence and phone calls that need to happen to get them started with your business. But what if a contact has already gone through that?

What if you could know right away whether the contact you're chatting with is a current list member or a new contact?

Guess what -- you can!

There's a way to automatically use tags to segment new contacts directly from the Conversations online chat using the Tag New Contacts from Conversations Automation Recipe.

With this automation recipe, you can tag contacts who are not currently on a list of yours who have reached out via chat.

Why is it important to segment based on traffic source?

- You can learn which traffic source is most effective for bringing in new contacts
- You can create messaging specifically tailored to contacts from different channels

NOTE: This automation recipe must be used with the Conversations feature.

How does the tag new contacts from Conversations automation work?

Here's how the tag new contacts from Conversations automation works:

1. The contact submits their email to the Conversations form in the chat widget. In the ActiveCampaign platform, Choose the form "Conversations chat form" as the trigger. This form is automatically generated when you turn on Chat in the Conversations feature.
2. The contact hits an IF/ELSE action that checks if your contact is already subscribed to your main list. This IF/ELSE example is assuming you are using a Master List with all contacts. If you don't have a master list for all contacts, you can set up conditions for each list you have (but you might need more than one IF/ELSE action).
3. If the contact is already subscribed, they exit the automation without issue.
4. If they aren't, the automation tags new contacts with a "Contact From Conversations" tag (for segmentation purposes). Feel free to adjust the tag to whatever makes sense for your business, like "New Contact from Online Chat."

What do you need to use the tag new contacts from Conversations automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the Conversations feature, and a contact list!

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