Black Friday: Abandoned Cart Email Series Automation Recipe


Recover abandoned carts from Black Friday with this abandoned cart email series automation.

Shopping cart abandonment refers to a customer adding items to their cart, then leaving your ecommerce site before they complete a purchase.

Why do people abandon shopping carts on Black Friday?

- Distractions
- Price or shipping costs
- Website issues
- Complex checkout process
- Return or exchange policies
- Comparison shopping
- Just browsing

Use this automation to send an abandoned cart email series to customers who abandon their carts during the biggest shopping days of the year. An abandoned cart email is a follow-up message you send to encourage shoppers to come back to your ecommerce website and purchase the items left in their shopping cart.

Cart abandonment emails were the highest performing automations of Black Friday 2017:

- 34% open rate
- 9% click-through rate (CTR)
- 2.13% conversion rate

You can automate your Black Friday abandoned cart email series with this automation -- and start to win back revenue that would have otherwise been lost. With this automation, you can trigger the email series when a cart is abandoned and schedule when each email in the series goes out.

Before you import this automation, set up your Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or other Deep Data ecommerce integration.

Here's how the Black Friday: Abandoned Cart Email Series automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact abandons their shopping cart on your ecommerce store. To use this automation for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, choose the ecommerce store you want to trigger this abandoned cart automation, then segment the trigger with the month and date to make sure contacts only enter this automation on that day.
2. The automation sends the contact an email encouraging them to come back to your website and complete their purchase. Use the Abandoned Cart campaign element to pull in product information and remind the contact of what's in their cart.
3. The automation waits 2 hours. Adjust this wait step to what works best for your business.
4. The automation sends the contact another email to remind them that your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal is for a limited time only.
5. The automation waits 2 hours. Adjust this wait step to what works best for your business.
6. A goal step checks if the contact finished their purchase. To set up this goal step, you can check to see if a date-based custom field for "Last Purchase Date" is the current date -- or feel free to adjust based on how you track purchase completion. If the contact meets the goal step at any point, they exit the automation.
7. The automation ends.

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