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Generate new business, build brand loyalists, and automate revenue-driving activities. Access the marketing tools you need to grow your ecommerce business.

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Customer Experience Automation for ECommerce


Customer Experience Automation

Grow your ecommerce business with ActiveCampaign

Create better communications based on past browsing and shopping behavior and engage like you have a personal marketer for everyone in your database. Whether you’re selling goods or services in your own online shop or on a marketplace platform or a combination of both – ActiveCampaign’s got you covered.

Reach and engage customers across the customer lifecycle

Go beyond the initial sale and drive brand loyalty. Get the tools you need to grow one-time purchasers into brand loyalist through the entire customer journey in a matter of minutes.

Find the right prospects to grow your audience and online store

Capture customers attention with messages that match their preferences

Retain customers and inspire brand loyalists and advocates

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Seamlessly connect to your customers across all channels

Deliver a consistent and connected experience across email, text, messaging, chat, and social.

Save time while driving growth

Automate your sales process to allow sales to focus energy on the deals most important to their pipeline.
Get access to a library of:

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Connect to your favorite apps

Integrate with your favorite apps to build the most flexible and connected stack to grow your ecommerce business

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Better engage your shoppers across their purchase journey by connecting Shopify.

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Understand how every customer has interacted with your business and automate relevant follow-up experiences.

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Acquire new customers and engage the ones you have like never before.

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Automatically send your store data to ActiveCampaign and maximize your marketing impact.

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With over 870+ apps, you can connect with the tools that that fit your business

Built for the way you do business now and here to support you as you grow in the future

CRM & Sales Automation

Track your new customers and order fulfillment automatically, keep consistent customer data records, and make sure your sales teams have more insights to drive 1:1 follow-up communications.

Marketing Automation

Automatically target the right prospects and manage the marketing no one else has time for.

Email Marketing

Use targeted, triggered emails to create automated timely follow up, promote new offers, and stay engaged and connected to your customers.

Service & Support

Connect email, live chat, and text interactions so you are able to track any opportunities for follow-up, promotions, and proper order updates.


Customer Experience Automation across all areas of your business

Sales automation to keep your team on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks.

Deliver connected experiences across channels.

Anticipate customer needs and improve every interaction.

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Everything you need to create unique and scalable customer experiences.

Drive sales from your storefront or website

Web personalization

Use web personalization to show each site visitor content that is right for them and drive engagement and sales directly from your website.

Web personalization

Acquire more customers

Marketing automations

Set up welcome emails and automation workflows to reach more potential customers with high-quality marketing and messaging.

Marketing automations

Engage shoppers

Automation marketplace

Use automations to upsell and cross-sell to shoppers once they have purchased. Ask for a review, offer a promotion, or alert of an abandoned cart.

Automation marketplace

Track order fulfillment automatically

Sales pipeline

Manage your order fulfillment behind the scenes. Use the CRM to create deal records to move shipments between stages and create tasks.

Sales pipeline

Sell more

Dynamic content

Create customizable pipelines to manage leads, trigger follow-up tasks, and nurture ongoing relationships with customers.

Sales pipeline

Target different customers


Segment customers by order value, total dollar value of purchase, number of orders, items purchased, cart abandonment or time of last purchase to get better conversion rates, retail more customers, and higher sales volume.


Connect with your customers instantly


Use chat and chatbots directly on your website to speak to customers in real-time with live or automated messages all while linking back to contact records for a seamless conversations and updates.


Capture leads & email addresses


Collect customer details with custom forms to get the information you need from your customers, then trigger welcome series, add them to distribution lists and tailor your communications.


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Send messages at the perfect moment with predictive sending


7 welcome email examples


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Email automation starter pack

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