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Drip Campaigns


A drip campaign is a series of marketing emails sent out on an automated schedule. Drip campaigns are meant to nurture leads through a triggered marketing or sales funnel.

How does a drip campaign work?

Drip camapaigns, explainde simply, are a series of emails sent out on a specific timeline. They could include email automation, autoresponders, lifecycle emails and sales emails. Emails are created in advance and then sent with marketing automation.

How many emails can be in a drip campaign?

The answer can vary widely between industries and customer personas. Most drip campaigns average between 3 and 15 emails. These emails are sent daily or spaced 3, 5, 7, or 14 days apart with the intent to nurture a contact relationship, helping them to learn the value of your business.

How do I make a drip campaign?

6 steps to an authentic email drip campaign:
* Decide on a goal
* Focus on email content
* Move the contact toward making a decision
* Time the frequency of emails to match your ideal customer
* Segment campaigns based on email campaign interaction
* Measure and adjust your drip campaign


How can you create a unique experience for each customer?

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