Make the Most of Your Email Marketing With ActiveCampaign’s New Designer

Whether your business is a seasoned, 500 employee organization, or a one-person show, email marketing is highly valuable. It’s also flexible and adaptable as your audience, methods, and business grows, and does a great job to get your message across to everyone in your audience. 

We believe in email so much, we decided to invest in a completely reimagined email designer. And now, we’re excited to share it’s now generally available for all users! Since January, we’ve been collecting feedback from certain customers to help iterate and improve ActiveCampaign’s email designer before we released it to everyone.

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ActiveCampaign is specifically set up to help you optimize your entire engagement strategy, from the very first time someone visits your website, receives a welcome email, to ultimately converting. When we surveyed ActiveCampaign users for the CXA Impact Report, they predicted email engagement rates would increase by a whopping 108% this year. Thanks to the new email designer, we’re expecting this to grow even higher! 

“I am a BIG fan of the new email editor. My team is obsessed, we canceled Mailchimp because of it.”

Chad Kahn, Split Spot

ActiveCampaign Email Designer Features

We are continuously adding features to the new email designer and are looking forward to users building exceptional emails. Take a look at the below list to see an updated view of what’s still to come! 

  • Conditional content: Deliver the right content to the right person, given their demographic data and past behaviors.
  • Ecommerce product block: Deliver product recommendations within your emails based on a customer’s past browsing or purchase history. 
  • RSS Blocks: Adding an RSS feed to your campaigns is a great way to automatically keep your contacts up to date with your latest news and blog posts.
  • Predictive Content: Build one email but send up to 5 versions to your audience, and each person will receive the right content for them based on past clicks & engagement.
  • Split testing: Learn what email will work best for your audience by creating slightly different versions of a campaign and sending it to a select group, then continue with the best performing version to the remainder of your audience. 

The one-size-fits-all approach is over, and has been for awhile

It seems every brand out there sends countless promotional emails, and your business might be one of them. In fact, over 300 billion emails are expected to be sent and received each day which shows how much competition there is for attention. But how do you break yourself apart from the blanketed communications to reach your target audience? It starts with sending each person the content they care about if you want to see any sort of meaningful interaction. 

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The best way to do that is by building a 360-degree view of each contact. It’s no longer enough to add someone’s first name in the subject line or opening of an email. You have to know their likes, dislikes, and behaviors. From there, you can segment your emails and ensure each person gets the email that’s meant for them. Customers are smarter than brands sometimes give them credit for. They know when a business emails with a on-size-fits-all approach, so don’t be yet another example of that. 

“I’m able to make designs that are designed equally for mobile and desktop, and it doesn’t take much more than a few steps! Using section styles, saved blocks, and custom templates, I was able to create basic structures for every type of email we send. It cuts my design time down in half, at least!”

Diane Miefert, Sales & Marketing Manager: Ashland Addison

An email designer backed by customer experience automation 

Just as there are countless emails sent daily from businesses, we know there are countless email service providers. What’s different with our new email designer is that it’s backed by customer experience automation (CXA). 


Other providers simply allow you to send mass emails to different segments of your audience. But ActiveCampaign uses CXA to connect email efforts with sales efforts, automations, and even your website, enhancing customer experience. Each contact is tracked across every interaction they have with your business no matter what channel they engage on, building a 360-degree view. 

By using all the information, you’re able to segment your emails based on what you know about your audience. Let’s look at the ecommerce businesses that use ActiveCampaign, for example. They reported an average increase of 70% in revenue from recovered abandoned carts in 2022. Just imagine the impact personalized content and a well-designed email could have on your own bottom line! 

Hyper-personalized content & thoughtful design lead to better engagement

Let’s take a step back and focus on the first impression someone has about your emails: the design. You might be asking, “if content is key to driving engagement, why does my email have to look a certain way too?” Frankly, it sets you apart from the countless other brands vying for space, so both content and design are crucial to performance. The look & feel of your emails also helps your brand by showing your audience that your business is well-managed and professional. Who doesn’t love that?

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The new responsive email designer combines the best of both worlds: advanced personalization and intuitive design. It helps you build better emails in less time that your customers love, leading to growth for your business. The completely overhauled designer makes the user experience better for everyone, from those who are sending their first email to those that are sending their 1000th. 

If email design isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry! ActiveCampaign has over 250 free pre-designed email templates for you to use so you don’t have to build emails from scratch. Yes – you can access all of these templates, regardless of what plan tier you’re on and they’re available to use in the new email designer as well. 

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Along with a focus on usability, we added cutting-edge features like an HTML toggle, saved content blocks, and additional block types to allow for emails that drive real action. You’ll also notice an incredible improvement in rendering and testing so you know exactly what your recipient will see.

Build the way you want with the HTML toggle

Each business is unique, and each builds emails in its own way. In an effort to give you all the customization possible in your emails, the toggle allows you to create and edit emails using HTML code. The best part: you can build out an entire section or just a specific container of content, and the window shows up next to the drag-and-drop email builder. Now you can view your edits in real time and see exactly what the recipient will see. 

Save content that’s often used across your emails

With saved content blocks, you can save entire sections or individual containers of images, text, buttons, and more so you can build out emails in less time. Let’s say a business often sells tickets to events. They might save a section of content as a template that includes date, start time, link, and location fields so they can simply drag in that structure and edit it as needed, instead of building out those fields from scratch each time. 

Have confidence in your email marketing platform

Designing beautiful emails is only one step in creating a compelling marketing email. Now you can know the email you’ve spent time creating and testing will actually appear correctly at the end of the day. We improved both previewing and rendering while you’re building, so you can have confidence that the way your email appears in the drag-and-drop builder is how it will appear in your recipient’s inbox. 

“I love how easy the new email designer is to use, and having both the drag-and-drop builder and the HTML code in split mode is just amazing… The end-to-end experience to build a campaign was perfect, it saved me time and effort and the email got an easy approval from the team.”

Ebrahim Ahmed, an IT Admin at REDmoney Group

Email marketing works for all businesses 

Email marketing is a powerhouse and remains a major part of any marketing strategy. ActiveCampaign gives you the power to connect marketing automation with multiple channels (e.g. website, social media, etc.) to make the most of your engagement strategy. But, email is one of the best channels you can use to connect with your audience and see real results.  It’s not only the backbone of our platform, it’s also the backbone of our highest-performing customers’ marketing strategies. 

In fact, email still remains the highest ROI per $1 spent. For the average business, when $1 is spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return, which equals a 4400% ROI. 

Try out the best email designer for yourself

Ready to build better emails and save time doing it? ActiveCampaign’s new email designer is ready for you to use to send either one-off  email newsletters or automated campaigns, so get started today! 

Not already an ActiveCampaign customer? No problem – simply start a free trial and get started creating amazing emails with our new designer!

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