Facebook Custom Audience Salesforce Alignment Automation Recipe


Do you want to make sure your sales leads receive the right social messaging based on their place in your sales process? Do you want information alignment between Facebook, Salesforce, and your marketing automation software?

Facebook Custom Audiences (FCA) act as an important touchpoint in many businesses' marketing plans. Ensure your sales leads are in the Facebook Custom Audience that corresponds to their current stage in your sales process so they receive the right social messaging.

Before importing this automation recipe, set up the ActiveCampaign -- Facebook Custom Audiences Deep Data Integration, and the ActiveCampaign -- Salesforce integration.

Map a custom field with the lead's stage from Salesforce to ActiveCampaign via our Facebook deep data integration. This series automatically adds the lead to the appropriate Facebook Custom Audience and removes them from their last one.

Note: We will use ActiveCampaign pipeline stages for the step-by-step, but you could easily use the "Pipeline Stage" field created in the Salesforce Pipeline Sync recipe for this as well.

With this automation recipe you can:

- Send sales leads better social messaging
- Contact your sales leads on Facebook with relevant messaging
- Automatically move Salesforce leads to another Facebook Custom Audience
- Align your sales, social media, and marketing tools

This automation is triggered when an ActiveCampaign contact enters a specified ActiveCampaign pipeline.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contact is added to your initial Facebook Custom Audience
2. The contact stays in that FCA until they meet the automation goal conditions
3. The goals in this automation correspond to the contact reaching various stages in your sales pipeline
4. Once the contact reaches a new stage in your sales process, the custom field for the lead's stage changes
5. The contact achieves the automation goal and moves to the next step in the automation
6. (If you're using Salesforce) The custom field change is synced to ActiveCampaign through the ActiveCampaign--Salesforce integration and triggers the Automation Goal
7. The contact is pulled from the previous Facebook Custom Audience and moved to a new custom audience that corresponds with their new place in the sales process

We recommend using goals instead of wait steps because every contact's path is different, and not always linear. Every contact is different, and may spend more or less time at any given stage in the sales process. Automation goals removes the possibility of contacts getting stuck at a wait step, while allowing for differences in each contact's journey through the sales process.

Feel free to add more actions and goals to this automation so that it matches your sales pipeline.

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