Grow your non-profit with Customer Experience Automation

Create awareness, gain volunteers, and drive repeat donations

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Fuel your non-profit’s growth

Customer Experience Automation fuels your non-profits growth with automated 1:1 communications through the entire customer lifecycle. Unlike legacy tools like marketing automation or CRM that solve for one part of the customer experience, ActiveCampaign automates across these to create experiences that drive awareness and donation.

Automate your welcome series

Engage your new contacts and initiate the first donation ask with automated campaigns. Start to solicit donations at the right interval and time to drive donations or trigger a personal follow-up needed.

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Use sign-up forms to get more subscribers

Get people to join your list, learn more about your cause and become active. Customize your forms and trigger automation that sends subscribers your content right away.

Better manage your donor lists

Keep track and organize your lists then trigger communications to donors based on their actions or specific updates.

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Stay connected and drive ongoing awareness and donations

With automated and recurring donation drip campaigns, take the guesswork out of reaching out to your contacts to share news and encourage repeat donations.

Send exactly what your subscribers want to see

Site tracking, link tracking, and segmentation make it easy to figure out exactly what content you should send to each subscriber.

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