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We made you some tools – so you can stop focusing on little, nagging questions and spend more time on stuff you love.

Subject Line Generator

Great email subject lines get more people to pay attention to you. Let us give you some subject line ideas – or check out the guide to write your own.

Webinar Templates

Webinars are a great way to increase customer engagement and get new leads, but they take a lot of time. Use these templates to account for every detail.

Holiday Marketing Toolkit 2023

This holiday season, generate more sales for your business with less stress. Save time and remove the guesswork with this free Holiday Marketing Toolkit.

Freelancer Resources

Want to offer your expertise as a freelancer? Or add more clients and grow your existing freelance business? Use these 12 free resources to tackle all the trickiest parts of freelance business.

SaaS Homepage Audit Worksheet

How do you know if your homepage is working for you? Make the most of your homepage with this free homepage audit worksheet.

CRM Template

It can be a headache to get all of your leads organized. Start tracking your sales leads with this Excel and Google Sheets CRM.

Calculate Cart Abandonment

How much money could you make, just by adding some simple abandoned cart emails? This calculator will tell you.

Content Templates

Managing a content team is tricky and it can be difficult to tackle a content strategy. Use our free template to improve your content marketing workflow.

Social Media Calendar Template

Plan ahead what content to share, manage marketing campaigns, track deadlines, and build stronger relationships with your followers.

Buyer Persona Template

Use this free template (+ 3 examples) as a guide to identify your ideal buyers and craft effective, targeted messages that lead to conversions.

No Generator

You’re a busy bee, and it can be hard to say no. We get it. That’s why, for April Fools, we brought you the first-ever no generator. For when you just need a new way to say no.

Sample Ecommerce Integration and Automation Starter Stack

This ecommerce starter pack includes ActiveCampaign’s top recommended ecommerce integrations, pre-built automations, and strategy tips that target the biggest opportunities for your business.

Email Automation Template Starter Pack

This email automation template starter pack includes 10 of ActiveCampaign's recommended pre-built automation recipes to get your business set up digitally.

Pre-Written Email Copywriting Templates (Free Download)

Writer's block getting in your way? Craft emails that open hearts, minds, and wallets with these free email copywriting templates.

6 Free Email Reply Templates That Save You Time (and Money!)

Feel like there's not enough time to respond to everything? Join us and together, we’ll save you time (and money) with these six free email reply templates.

Creating a sales sheet? Template + Guide

Create a sales sheet and reach out to prospective customers cold, nurture existing leads, and close deals like never before.

Free Marketing Strategy Template

Get your team aligned from the start with our marketing strategy templates. From setting goals to SWOT analysis, we have you covered.

Customizable Google Sheets Calendar Templates

Create a Google Sheets Calendar and customize it to your needs quickly and easily with our calendar templates.

Consulting Proposal Template

Ready to offer your expertise as a consultant? This free consulting proposal template includes everything you need to get more of your ideal client to sign on the dotted line.

Company Profile Template

Looking for a way to show the value of your business to potential customers, clients and investors? Our free company profile template includes everything you need to grow your business through a unified message.

Creative Brief Template

When you work with agencies, freelancers, or your creative team, you need to give them the key info required to get great work done on time. We created this creative brief template — so that you can keep everyone on the page and get great work done when you need it.

Storytelling Template

How can you tell stories in your marketing? Instead of starting from scratch, use our templates filled with tried-and-true templates and frameworks to make your story great too.

Value Proposition Statement Template

What are you customers really buying from you? This value proposition statement template will give you step-by-step instructions to find your value proposition.

Website Content Template

Can you write something compelling even if you aren’t a professional writer? Together, we’ll explore finding the interesting part and translating that into incredible website content with this free website content template.

Email Sequence Templates

Explore scaling valuable, personal touches with these free email sequence templates.

Ecommerce Budget Template

Whether you’re tired of wondering where your money is going or want to make sure you never run out of product again, this ecommerce budget template is for you.

Abandoned Checkout Email Template

The goal of a smart abandoned checkout email series isn’t just to get an open and a click, but to remind them of the emotion they had behind the purchase they almost made.

Facebook Ad Copy Template

Explore the three core parts of every Facebook ad and put our ad copy to work with this free Facebook Ad copy template.

Testimonial Template

Use our testimonial templates to make gathering and collecting positive feedback easier, allowing you more time to focus on featuring it.

Website Budget Template

Download this re-brandable website design budget and easily customize it in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to estimate the cost of a website design or redesign.

Sales Goal Template

This sales goal template has been designed specifically to help you, and your entire team, align with where you’re currently at, where you want to be and how to get there together.

Free Thank You Script

It’s important to build on your existing relationship and a thank you note is one way to keep the lines of communication open.

Client Onboarding Checklist

First impressions last, so let’s start off on the right foot. Make sure you don’t miss a thing with this free onboarding checklist.

Follow Up Template

You’ll get 3 follow up email templates to customize and send to your past clients. Follow-up emails help re-open the conversation and explore new opportunities to work with them again.

Agenda Template

When you have a call, wouldn’t it be great to have everyone on the same page before it even starts? Start on the right foot with our Agenda Template.

Client Payment Tracker

Lost emails, multiple forms of payment, and differing payment terms between clients can become a nightmare. Let’s take care of all of that with this free client payment tracker.

Elevator Pitch Template

Join us and together, we’ll explore landing your ideal customers and clients with this free elevator pitch template.

Facebook Giveaway Templates

Using a Facebook giveaway template is a quick and easy way to get your social media lead generation strategy off the ground. Download our templates.

Lead Nurturing Email Templates

Together, we’ll explore creating personal, helpful touchpoints (at scale) with these free lead nurturing email templates.

Marketing Campaign Analysis Report Templates

Gain the abillity to visualize the value of your marketing campaigns and renew more clients with our marketing campaign analysis report templates.

Event ROI Report Template

Outline your key costs of running your event and increase the chance of getting your budget approved using our Event ROI Report Template.

Price Increase Email Templates

If you want to quickly and effectively handle the delicate situation of raising your prices, you can’t afford to miss these price increase email templates.

Case Study Template

Show the value and ease of your product using your own customers' words using a case study template.

Intake Form Template

This post will show you how to create a client intake form – everything to include on it, where to use it, and tools to create it.

Podcast Strategy Template

This free podcast strategy template includes everything you need to get more of your ideal listeners and guests.

Google Order Form Template

Answer all your questions with our free Google order form template.

Customer Onboarding Template

Get those hard-earned customers off to a strong start with this free customer onboarding template.

Communication Plan Template

When you need a plan to communicate across your company or to outside stakeholders, our communication plan template has you covered.

Objection Handling Template

This client objection handling template shows you how to reply to 33 different objections you’ll likely encounter as you grow your business or sales career.

Advertising Tracking Template

Keep your advertising on course with this free advertising tracking template.

Business Voicemail Script

Check out these free business voicemail scripts with over 20 scripts that you can implement today.

Sales Process Template

Get even your most junior sales team members to close bigger deals with this free sales process template.

Sales Commission Structure Template

This sales commission structure template gives you everything you need to know about roles to compensation.

Weekly Sales Report Template

In this template, you’ll be able to track, align and forecast your team around all of the metrics that matter.

Sales Prospecting Letter Template

Use this template to put your best foot forward to prospective clients.

Template To Keep Track of Sales

A template to track sales that helps you scale your company as you grow.

Contact Tracking Template

Use our contact tracking template to keep notes and other important information about your clients.

Google Docs eBook Template

Whether you’re creating your first ebook, or just looking for a fresh look, this free Google doc ebook template has you covered.

Facebook Advertising Plan Template

Eliminate the ever-rising CPC and CAC from Facebook ads with this proven Facebook advertising plan template.

Social Media Analytics Report Template

Reduce overwhelm and prove the value of your social media marketing plan with this free social media analytics report template.

Product Sheet Template

A good product sheet will let your customers know all about your product and convince them of its worth. Save yourself hours of time with this free product sheet template.

ROI Report Template

Whether you’re looking to project the ROI of a future marketing campaign or assess what you’re already doing, you won’t want to miss this free ROI report template.

Feedback Email Template

Whether requesting (or giving) feedback, this feedback email template can give you an idea of where to begin.

Outreach Email Templates

Have you ever tried sending someone an email but can't seem to find the right words to trigger a response? Worry no more with our outreach email templates.

Business Introduction Email Template

With the right business introduction email template and a few handy tips, you can avoid spam boxes.

Email Template for Real Estate Leads

The right email template for real estate leads will help you share the right message at the right time.

No Response Email Follow Up Template

Make sure that second email does get a response with this free no-response email follow up template.

SaaS Email Templates

Check out these free SaaS email templates to get started quickly and save time.

Reconnecting With Old Clients Email Template

This free email template includes everything you need to know about reconnecting with old clients and how it can help you save a ton of time, money, and energy in the long run.

Refund Email Template

Use this highly effective refund template (that turns refund requests into repeat customers).

Product Launch Email Templates

Send strategic product launch emails both externally and internally with these email templates.

Product Landing Page Template

Create product landing pages that convert visitors into customers. This tool includes all the essentials you need for an effective product landing page.

Product Launch Checklist Template

Each step of the product launch is defined with goals and dates. Don't push back you launch date (again).

Sales Pitch Template

Don't start from scratch. Use this sales pitch template to close more deals.

Sales Deck Template

A sales deck is vital to turning sales into purchases. Use this sales deck to highlight the benefits of your product to future customers.

Welcome Video Scripts Template by Bonjoro

Repeat customers are a must. So, we did the heavy lifting to help increase your customer lifetime value with these scripts

Thank You Video Scripts by Bonjoro

Create stronger relationships with your audience by using these 5 video thank you scripts.

Thank You Video Templates by Bonjoro

It can be difficult to find time to personally thank customers. Use these 5 thank you video templates to add that personalized touch at scale.

Video Proposal Templates by Bonjoro

Use these 8 video proposal templates to help scale your sales process, to add your personal touch, and prevent prospective clients from slipping through the cracks.

Sales Proposal Template

Only 47% of sales proposals result in a deal. The biggest hurdle isn’t what you need to include but what to leave out. Save dozens of hours (and potentially millions in lost sales) with this template.

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