Accelerate growth with integrated AI

Artificial intelligence helps you drive better campaign performance, analyze behavior for more informed decision-making, and create frictionless customer experiences.

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  • AI Brandkit

    Use AI to build your own brand kit in no time, powering more personalized campaigns for every customer.

  • AI-suggested Segments

    Effortlessly segment your customers with intelligent insights, so you can always focus on the high-value leads and optimize for engagement.

  • Campaign Calendar View

    Make sure your campaigns hit inboxes at the optimal time with intelligent scheduling. Our AI calculates the best time and day to send your campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Campaign Reporting Co-pilot

    Discover digestible insights and key highlights to better understand campaign performance and find next steps across your marketing initiatives.

Meet your intelligent marketing partner

Instantly build and activate powerful campaigns with unique suggestions and automated messaging, giving you more time to focus on what matters.

  • Your marketing co-pilot for smarter decisions

    Get insights, recommended strategies, and focus areas for optimization in real-time, as you build. Make informed decisions and stay on track. 

  • Autopilot your routine and focus on the big ideas

    We handle routine tasks like scheduling, content creation, and performance analysis, so you can prioritize strategy and growth.

  • Let AI handle the heavy lifting

    AI gives you time back. Generate on-brand email templates, content, and images for hassle-free design and effortless on-brand content creation.

  • Expertise on demand

    Move forward with confidence. Get effective suggestions that validate your ideas and point you in the right direction for more impactful campaigns.

An intelligent platform exclusively for your business

Designed to adapt and evolve to your business needs and goals, our platform leverages machine learning and algorithms to deliver personalized automations, insightful analytics, and seamless interactions.

  • Effortless targeting and intelligent optimization

    AI-powered segments and automations continuously learn to help you identify the right targets and actions based on what your customers want.

  • A custom-fit solution for your needs

    Fuel your growth journey with personalized recommendations and solutions that adapt and scale as you need them to.

  • Powered by all your customer engagement data

    Seamlessly integrate your tech stack for a tailored marketing experience that enhances engagement and simplifies your workflow

  • Boost engagement with AI-optimized scheduling

    Our predictive sending feature uses AI to find the best time to send your campaigns based on your contacts’ preferences and behaviors.

Fast track your journey to success

No more guesswork. Stay one step ahead with the ability to predict customer interactions. ActiveCampaign AI identifies and matches the ideal customer with the best campaigns and automations to drive ROI.

  • Focus on what matters

    Uncover insights, powered by millions of businesses just like yours, to guide tailored interactions that align with your industry and goals.

  • Easily identify and engage your most valuable audiences

    Focus on the right audience with AI-driven insights to create unique messaging and campaigns that resonate while optimizing engagement strategies for maximum impact.

  • See tomorrow’s trends today

    Anticipate your customers’ next move with AI and effortlessly create tailored strategies while automating actions for the best results. 

  • Analyze customer sentiment

    Our sentiment analysis is powered by thousands of data points and real-time customer data, so you can stay up to date and plan your campaigns accordingly.

Soundsnap uses machine learning to boost open rates by 20%

Discover how ActiveCampaign’s predictive sending feature powers Soundsnap’s success with the right emails at the right time.

300 %
Increase in month-to-month email revenue
A man in a music studio wearing headphones while adjusting a mixing desk.
ActiveCampaign was the perfect fit for us. It has all the features we wanted, for a reasonable price. If a company has as many contacts as we have but doesn’t have an enterprise level budget, ActiveCampaign is a great choice.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.