How does marketing automation help colleges and universities?

When you need to track students and alumni it’s tricky to coordinate the details across departments. Marketing automation takes care of the behind-the-scenes so that you can give each person the attention they deserve.
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Score candidates to find the best fit

How do you know which prospective students are the best fit? See how candidates engage with your school’s marketing. Then combine that data with test scores, GPA, and other factors to find students who will be the best fit.
student interests

Identify student interests

What will make coming to your school an easy decision? When you identify student interests, you can follow up to highlight the academics and extracurricular activities that will help them make their decisions.

Send beautiful email updates

Showcase your classes, campus, and extracurriculars. Send beautiful emails that help prospective students picture what it’s like to attend your school.

Stay in touch with alumni

Alumni relations is easy when you can see who’s interested. Track past donations, notify your team when it’s time to follow up, and use location targeting to announce local alumni gatherings.
welcome email

Welcome students at orientation

The beginning of school can be overwhelming. When you can use automation to deliver exactly the information that answers student’s questions, it makes the first few days of school a breeze.

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Connect ActiveCampaign to the tools you already use

You should be able to use any tool you like. That’s why ActiveCampaign integrates with 870+ apps, including Office 365, Gmail, and, Zapier.

The tools you need to manage cross-departmental processes

Enrollment. Orientation. Alumni relations. There’s a lot to do—so let ActiveCampaign automation features handle the tedious part.

Marketing automation

Automate orientation and follow up with your students using triggered emails.