WooCommerce: Birthday and Anniversary Coupon Email


Do you want to make your loyal WooCommerce customers feel special and celebrated? Add this special day coupon automation to your WooCommerce coupon marketing strategy.

This automation helps you celebrate customers on a specific date, like their birthday or the anniversary of them signing up with you.

You can use this birthday and anniversary coupon WooCommerce email automation to send your customers...

- Birthday wishes
- Birthday rewards
- Birthday promotions
- An anniversary email
- WooCommerce loyalty promotions
- Special birthday offers
- Anniversary coupons

...all of which reward customers and build customer loyalty.

The birthday or anniversary email in this automation uses WooCommerce product blocks to easily import your WooCommerce product listings into your emails -- and personalize those listings based on your customers' interests.

The trigger in this automation uses a date-based custom field for an event such as a birthday or anniversary. Feel free to adjust the settings to what special day makes sense for your business. It is currently set to trigger on the month and day of the custom field and then send out an email.

Before you import this automation, integrate your WooCommerce store.

Here's how the SWooCommerce birthday and anniversary coupon email automation works:

1. The automation's trigger checks to see if today is a contact's anniversary or birthday. (You need to create a date-based custom field for this automation.)
2. If today's date matches the date-based custom field, the automation is triggered.
3. The contact enters the automation and receives the special promo email. Use a WooCommerce product block to show items that your contact can use their birthday coupon or discount on. You can also use the product block to show items based on your customers' past purchases.
4. The automation waits 1 week.
5. The automation checks to see whether or not the contact has clicked a link in the email.
6. If the contact has clicked a link in the email, they are assigned the tag "Used Special Day Coupon." The contact then exits the automation.
7. If the contact hasn't clicked on a link in the email, they exit the automation without being tagged.

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