Update Pipedrive record when Calendly Appointment made


Do you know the status of all your deals?

Keeping track of every deal in your pipeline can be challenging. Knowing when to update a deal stage based on the actions taken by your contacts is vital. Perhaps the best example is when a contact makes an appointment. You know the deal is entering the negotiation phase and can update the stage accordingly.

Using ActiveCampaign's powerful integrations with Calendly and Pipedrive, this automation updates the deal record to let the sales agent know to move the deal record to the right stage. This information is sent by updating a custom field and then mapping it over.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact schedules the Calendly meeting type specified in the trigger, entering the automation.
2. A custom field for Appointment Status is updated to Appointment Made.
3. The deal record is updated in Pipedrive.

NOTE: You will need to build out a custom field for the Appointment Status information to pass along to Pipedrive and set it to map to a field in Pipedrive.

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