Update Deal Stage When Field Changes


New information about your deals are coming in all the time. How they react to your talks, if they miss a meeting, information they fill out on your website. It’s all changing as the relationship grows and evolves. It’s your job as a business to ensure you’re staying up to date on this information and taking the appropriate steps in response to it. Ensuring you’re creating a great customer experience for your leads is one of the best ways to ensure you retain their business.

This automation updates a deal record when a specified contact field changes and creates a task for this new stage. This helps create a nice flow for your sales process. Before importing, set up your pipeline.

Here’s how Update Deal Stage When Field Changes works:

1. The automation is triggered when a specified field changes. You could set this to a specific form field or a more ops focused field like deal priority.
2. The deal moves to a “update a stage” action, moving the deal to the selected stage.
3. The deal moves to an “add task” action, giving the deal owner a specific task to follow-up.
4. The deal exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions to make this your own and fit your sales process. You could send a message, adjust a deal score, and more.

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