Update Account Owner When Form Is Submitted


Managing accounts can be tough. You have to keep in mind any changes made, all the contacts assigned to an account, and keep a focused vision. But with powerful automation, you can make managing these changes a snap.

This automation is triggered when a contact submits a specified form. The contact is then added to an account, new or pre-existing, and the account owner is updated.

Here’s how Update Account Owner When Form Is Submitted works:
1. The automation is triggered when the contact submits a specified form. You’ll want to choose a form related to how you manage and glean information about accounts.
2. The contact then arrives at an add contact to account action. If the contact is already a part of an account, they will skip this step. Otherwise, they will be added to the account you specify.
3. The contact comes to an update account owner action, updating the owner to who you have specified in the automation.

Note: You can use personalization tags to tie fields to the account name. For instance, if you capture Business Name as a field, then you can ensure the contact is assigned to the appropriate account upon form submission.

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