Update Account Owner - Contact Field Changes (ie: Territory/Region, Size, etc. changes)


Making sure that the right person is building and maintaining relationships with an account is vital to a great customer experience. It can be a lot of work coordinating members of your Sales team to ensure that no account falls through the cracks and the right transitions happen at the right time for your business and your customers. How can you ensure this workflow occurs without having to wait on manual input?

With automation, of course!

This automation allows you to update the Account Owner when a field for your contact changes. In this example, a contact has moved and their account manager will now change based on their new territory. The new Account Owner can make an introduction and can help nurture that relationship or continue the sales process.

Here’s how it works:

1. The contact triggers the automation when a field changes (in our case, territory). You can set up which field changes trigger this automation!
2. The Account Owner for the contact's account is then updated by the automation action block. In our example, we’ve split up the automation based on various territories. There’s a different Account Owner for each territory.
3. The new Account Owner (in our case, Suzanne, Harry, or Cara) will receive a notification email that they were assigned a new account.
4. The automation ends.

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