Unengaged Customer Offer and Clean-up


Sometimes a contact only makes one purchase because that’s all they needed and they’re not going to make another purchase. Sometimes it’s because life got busy and they’ve forgotten. And these are just two of the many reasons why they may not be purchasing or engaging. And each reason deserves a different response.

This automation sends out two messages after a contact has not made a purchase within a year. If the contact makes a purchase within that time, they exit the automation. If they don’t, they gain the tag “Unengaged - Ecommerce”.

Here’s how Unengaged Customer Offer and Clean-up works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they haven’t made a purchase in a year. 2. This is measured by a date-based custom field that stores the last purchase date.
3. The contact is then sent an email message.
4. The contact arrives at a wait step for a week.
5. The contact is then sent another email message.
6. The contact arrives at another wait step for a week.
7. The contact then moves to an If/Else step where the automation checks if they’ve made a purchase in the last week.
8. If they have, they move down the yes path to a goal step, which checks for a purchase being made by using a date-based custom field.
9. The contact then exits the automation.
10. If they have not met the condition, they move to an add tag action which adds the tag “Unengaged - Ecommerce”.

Note: Once your contact has earned the unengaged tag in this automation, then your team can use this information to clean the list, enter the contact into other automations, or however you decide how to handle unengaged contacts.

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