Stripe: Refund Follow-up


How do you process a refund? Do you follow up with the contact or do you just provide the refund?

Knowing why a contact is getting a refund is important for a number of reasons. Was there a technical issue your team can assist with or send a replacement for? Did the product work as expected or did the contact find a different product that solved their needs better? All of this information is incredibly important for your team to know and actionable in it's own right.

Using ActiveCampaign's powerful integration with Stripe, this automation notified your team about the refund, allowing for any backend processes, and sends a follow-up survey to the contact. If the contact completes the survey, they are sent a thank you message.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they get a refund via Stripe.
2. A notification action sends an email to your team letting them know about the refund.
3. The contact is sent an email with a survey about why they refunded their purchase.
4. The contact then enters a wait step waiting for the survey to be submitted for up to 1 week.
5. An If/Else action checks to see if the survey was submitted.
6. If they did, the contact goes down the "Yes" path and is sent the thank you email.
7. If they didn't, the contact goes down the "No" path and exits the automation.

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