Slack: Automatically send a message when a contact is tagged as unengaged


How do you fight churn?

One way is to identify why the contact's not engaging before they click the unsubscribe link in an email. If your team can start a dialogue with unengaged contacts early, they can address what's causing them to fall off and turn them back into a happy customer.

Using ActiveCampaign's powerful integration with Slack, this automation sends your team a message when a contact is tagged as unengaged so they can follow up with them to assist with whatever issue is causing their lack of interest.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contact enters the automation when they are tagged as unengaged.
2. A slack message is sent to the channel you specify.

Note: You will need to set up the specific Slack channel you want the message to go to on the automation action itself. You will also need to personalize the message with the fields you want to appear in the message.

NOTE: You can combine this automation recipe with others in the Marketplace like tracking engagement to assign the tags.

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