Salesforce Lead Scoring Automation Recipe


What do you do if you have an engaged contact that hasn't yet taken a qualifying action to become a lead in Salesforce?

We said this Salesforce lead generation automation had three parts. In Pt. 1 we sent out the lead generation opportunities. In Pt. 2 we have an automation for creating leads in Salesforce for contacts who take qualifying actions.

What else do we need to do?

What about tracking leads that are engaged but haven't completed a qualifying event?

This automation is based on engagement scoring. Sometimes contacts are reading your emails and clicking your links -- which increases their engagement score -- but haven't actively sought you out by completing a defined qualifying event. Give these contacts the nudge they need!

Here's how this automation works:

1. Once a contact hits a certain threshold on their engagement score based on your lead scoring system from Pt. 1, the automation trigger will check to see if they have entered Pt. 2 and received a "Qualified" tag.
2. If they have, then there is no need for these contacts to enter this automation. They already have a lead record in Salesforce.
3. If they haven't entered Pt. 2 yet, then they will enter this automation based on their engagement score and have a lead record created in Salesforce.

This automation recipe works as a backup plan to turn engaged contacts into leads for your sales team based on your lead scoring template rather than completing an explicit qualifying action.

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