Recover abandoned cart with personalized offer

For e-commerce businesses, online retailers, or any business offering discounts and promotions.

The Abandoned Cart Recovery with Coupon Block Automation Recipe is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses to re-engage with customers who have left their shopping carts without completing a purchase. By strategically using coupon incentives, this automation recipe aims to recover potentially lost sales, reduce cart abandonment rates, and foster customer loyalty.

How do you use this abandoned cart reminder automation recipe?

1. To use this automation recipe, make sure you have either a Shopify and WooCommerce Deep Data integration connected to your ActiveCampaign account.
2. Create a trigger that enters the contact into the abandoned cart sequence. This trigger is activated when the contact fulfills the requirements you set. For example, you can configure the trigger to activate when a contact abandons a cart valued at $50 or more, or if a certain item is left in the cart.
3. Create the abandoned cart email reminder that will get sent if the contact fulfills the condition.
4. Once the trigger is activated and a contact enters the automation, specify how long you want to wait before the next step happens. You can set this time based on your needs.
5. After the time period passes, the automation takes them into the next conditional step. If they recovered their cart on their own before the time period ends, they leave the automation.
6. If the contact still hasn't recovered their cart, the automation sends them the cart recovery email with a personalized coupon offer that you created. (Create a coupon for percentage, fixed amount, Buy X Get Y, or Free Shipping)
7. Continuously monitor the performance of your automation. Experiment with different coupon offers, email subject lines, and send times to fine-tune your cart recovery strategy.

This automation recipe comes in handy and can help recover lost sales.

Note: You may even want to offer a small coupon code or discount code to incentivize potential customers to return and finish their checkout process. Offering testimonials and reviews as social proof can also save your online shoppers time from having to look these up themselves.

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