Real Estate: Update Stage When Paperwork Is Submitted


What's the secret power to automating your business?

Automating not just front facing processes like messaging, but also automating your back end processes to save your team time and energy. When a contact submits paperwork on a house, automate your pipeline to move them along and create a task to review the submission.

This automation is triggered when a contact submits paperwork for a property they are interested in. Their deal is then moved to the appropriate stage in your pipeline and a task to look over the paperwork and reach out directly is created.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they are tagged as having submitted paperwork.
2. The contact then moves to a Move Deal Stage action and their deal is moved to the appropriate stage in your CRM.
3. The contact arrives at an Add Task action and a task is created for them to look over the information provided and reach out to the contact.

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