Real Estate: Home Showing Reminder


Have you ever had a real estate prospect miss a house showing? Are you interested in how to get more showings on your house? Send automatic email and text reminders for a house showing with this automation recipe.

When you show a house, it helps to have someone to show it to. The "Real Estate: Home Showing Reminder" automation recipe helps with getting potential home buyers to actually show up to their scheduled house showing. This recipe uses email as well as SMS or text message reminders to notify your potential buyers on more than 1 channel.

Sending reminders is good realtor etiquette, as well as house showing etiquette.

This automation recipe gives you an opportunity to answer some common questions and provide information to your prospective home buyers. Along with an appointment reminder, you can send home buying tips like:

- What to look for when viewing a house for the first time
- What to bring when viewing a house
- What to expect from a home viewing
- What to look for when buying a new house
- Questions to ask when touring a house
- A house viewing checklist

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Create a date-based custom field for "House Showing Date"
- Create a CRM pipeline stage for "Put In Paperwork"
- OR create a contact custom field for "Put In Paperwork"

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered the day before the "House Showing Date" custom contact field information. (If your contact's house showing date is May 15th, the automation begins May 14th.)
2. The automation sends an initial reminder email with an example subject line, "We're Excited for the Showing Tomorrow"
3. The automation waits until the "House Showing Date" is the current date, and the current time is 7AM America/Chicago (Note: you can edit the time to reflect your current timezone and preferred time of delivery)
4. The automation sends an SMS message to your prospect reminding them of their upcoming appointment
5. The automation sends a second reminder email with additional information (Note: in our example email the subject line is "What to Expect Today and Where We'll be Going" but you can edit this email to include any information you'd like to send before the showing)
6. The automation waits 1 day
7. The automation checks to see if the contact has been added to the CRM pipeline stage "Put In Paperwork"
8. If yes, the automation ends
9. If no, the automation sends an email inviting the prospect to a showing of a different home
10. The automation ends

NOTE: If you're not using the ActiveCampaign CRM, you can edit automation step #7 to check the contact's custom field for "Put in Paperwork" rather than the pipeline stage.

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