Quote Request Notification Workflow


What's your process for providing a quote to a customer when requested?

You have to gather all their information, review it, and then provide an estimate for how much your services will cost. But what if you could automate parts of it to save you time? What if the contact could provide all the information you need and then this information is provided in one easy place?

Well, you can! This automation sends you all the information the contact provided via your form directly to you with a notification email. The automation also creates a deal for the potential client and creates the first task to reach out to your new deal and provide the quote.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit your form to get a quote.
2. The contact reaches the add deal action and has a deal created.
3. The contact reaches the notification action and an email is sent to the team member you specify with the information the contact provided you.
4. The contact reaches an add task action and a task to generate and provide the quote to the contact is added for the deal owner.

Note: Make sure to use Personalization tags in the notification action so that all the information needed to generate the quote is present in one convenient place.

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