Pre-Assignment Email Series Automation Recipe


How do you make sure contractors and team members are on the same page before an assignment begins?

Share information and set expectations with this automation.

This automation workflow sends a series of emails to a contact before an assignment or project begins. The contact can be an independent contractor, in-house team member, or anyone else you need to share details with before a project begins.

Before you import this automation, you need to build out a custom date field for "Assignment Start Date."

You also need to build out a custom field for "Assignment Availability," which indicates whether a team member is free to accept a new assignment ("Available" vs. "On an Assignment.") That field can be changed to on an assignment, which indicates that the team member is working on something -- and can be used to trigger this automation.

Using a base template and personalization tags can be a great way to create a professional email while pulling in specific contact information.

Here's how the pre-assignment email series automation works:

1. This automation is triggered when a contact gets an assignment. You can use a tag, list, or custom field. We recommend using your "Assignment Availability" custom field. If using the Field Changes trigger, choose "changes to On an Assignment." This will start the automation.
2. The automation sends reminder emails to the contact 14 days, 7 days, and 1 day before the assignment start date. You can adjust the timeline and email content to whatever makes sense for your business and assignments.
3. The day the assignment begins, the automation sends an email with the company's work guidelines and assignment information. You can adjust this email to include any important day-of information you want to share.
4. The automation ends.

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