Part 2: Engagement Tagging Automation Recipe


Tagging helps keep your contacts organized. When you know more specific information about someone, you can send more specific campaigns that are relevant to their progress with your business. This also helps you keep your contact lists clean and updated.

If a contact is engaged or disengaged, you can tag them to indicate that. The Engagement Tagging Automation Recipe helps keep the engagement status of each contact updated throughout their customer lifetime.

As a customer engages, stays recently active, or becomes completely inactive, this two-part automation tags them accordingly.

This automation works in 2 parts, so be sure to import both Part 1 and Part 2 for it to function.

How does the engagement tagging automation work?

1. This automation triggers when a contact performs an action to re-engage. This can be things like opening or clicking an email, visiting a web page, or subscribes to a new list.
2. Once the automation triggers, the "exit other automation" step pulls the contact out of Part 1.
3. The "enter other automation" step restarts the contact at the beginning of Part 1, which re-tags them as Engaged and removes any Disengaged tags. The condition needs to be set for Part 1 Engagement Tagging Automation Recipe.
4. The automation ends.

What do you need to use the engagement tagging automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, Part 1, and a contact list!

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