Order Status: Refund Notification


Sometimes a purchase doesn’t work out. Whatever the reason, the product or service didn’t meet the customer’s needs. Creating an informative and transparent refund process allows for a positive customer experience and makes that customer much more likely to return for your business when the time is right. We’re here to help you do exactly that.

This automation sends a refund notification email to customers when their order status moves from any stage to “refunded.” Before importing, integrate your ecommerce integration into your ActiveCampaign account.

Here’s how Order Status: Refund Notification works:
The automation is triggered when the order status moves from any stage to “Refunded.”
The contact comes to a send email step that sends out the email letting the customer know their refund is on the way and setting expectations.
The contact exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to customize this automation recipe template and make it your own. Add tagging, create more messages, and more to suit your business needs.

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