Offer Appointment On Frequent Visit To Help Docs


You could get ahead of their problem and start working on a solution quickly, before the contact becomes frustrated. It could alert you to a problem or bug early so your team can work on it. It's a win-win to be aware of when someone's having a problem, even if they're not telling you about it yet. But how could you know that? The answer is site tracking!

This automation checks for a contact making repeat visits to your help center and sends out an invite for a video appointment with a support agent or for the contact to submit a support ticket if they prefer.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they visit the page or subdomain you specify.
2. The contact then reaches an If/Else action checking for how many times the contact has been to the page or subdomain. In our example, we set this to 6-15 times, but feel free to adjust this.
3. If the contact has been enough times, they go down the "Yes" path and are sent an email offering assistance.
4. If the contact has not been to the site enough times, they go down the "No" path and exit the automation.

Note: You can use an asterisk to denote a visit to any page within that subdomain. In our example, we use the page* to track a visit to any page within the help subdomain.

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