New Salesforce Contact Slack Notification


Automating your sales process is a wonderful thing. It keeps things moving and allows for automatic updates and a seamless process. But every deal is different and the best way to ensure your clients get what they need is to combine a human touch to go alongside your automation.

This automation creates a contact in your Salesforce CRM while also using Slack to notify your sales team and provide the personal information needed to take the proper next steps. This automation is triggered by a contact score reaching a certain threshold, but you can easily adjust this to what makes sense to your business, such as a qualifying event or after an introductory appointment.

How New Salesforce Contact Slack Notification works:

1. The contact enters the automation when their contact score reaches a specified threshold, indicating they are a warm lead.
2. The contact reached a “Create Contact in Salesforce” action, creating a record in your Salesforce CRM.
3. The contact arrives at the “Post Message to Slack” action and a message is fired off to your team with the appropriate information, allowing them to take proper next steps.

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