Mollie: Thank You and Track Purchase


Being able to automate based on a purchase is essential in today’s world, that’s why we’ve built out a powerful integration with Mollie, a powerful online payment system. This powerful integration makes tracking payments and automating your contact follow-up a breeze.

This automation tracks the last purchase date and thanks the contact for their purchase when a Payment is received in Mollie.

Here’s how Mollie: Thank You and Track Purchase works:

1. The automation is triggered when a Payment Paid event is received by Mollie for the contact.
2. The contact then goes to an update contact field action, having a custom date field tracking the latest purchase updated to the current time.
3. The contact then arrives at a send email step where a thank you email is sent to your contact.
4. The contact exits the automation.

Note: You will need to build a custom date field for tracking the latest purchase date. Do so before importing this automation.

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