LearnDash + Memberium Course Reminder Automation


This automation allows you to send out automated email reminders to your students that remind them to finish all of the LearnDash courses they have purchased from you.

How many times have you purchased a course or membership program to only go through a few lessons then forgot about it forever? Or maybe it took you forever to go through it because you kept forgetting about it with everything else you have going on?

This is a massive problem for anyone delivering online courses or membership programs.

This is where the power of LearnDash, Memberium and ActiveCampaign come together to solve this problem for you through this pre-built automation.

The way it works is the automation will send out automated email reminders to complete specific courses that students haven't finished yet.

If a student has already completed specific courses, they won;t receive any email reminders to complete them since they finished them already.

Memberium's direct integration with LearnDash allows you to trigger off specific ActiveCampaign automations when a student completes a specific LearnDash Course or lesson.

This allows you to send out automated email reminders to each of your students dynamically based on where they had last left off in their training.

All these emails are pre-written for you to use and ready to be imported into your ActiveCampaign app!

Once it's imported, all you need to do is fill in the blanks in a few key spots by just adding your course or program name, then make a few minor tweaks by following our simple instructions here on how to implement this automation.

Then you can start using this email automation to increase the completion rate of your course or membership site that uses LearnDash and Memberium for ActiveCampaign!

To use this automation, you need to have LearnDash and Memberium for ActiveCampaign.

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