Holiday Marketing: Send Focused Sales Drip On Link Click


What can a link click tell you?

It all depends on the context, but if a contact clicks a link in one of your holiday marketing emails, it tells you a big thing: They're thinking about making a purchase. Use this opportunity to send a focused drip series showing off different details of your holiday sale, so the contact can see everything you have to offer and convince them to buy.

This automation is triggered when a contact clicks a link in a campaign you specify from your holiday sale. The automation then waits for a short period of time before sending a series of messages over the next few days showing your sale. A goal at the end removes the contact if they make a purchase at any time.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they click on a link in your specified campaign.
2. The contact waits for an hour at a wait step.
3. The contact is sent the first campaign in your drip series.
4. The contact waits for a day at a wait step.
5. The contact is sent the second campaign in your drip series.
6. The contact waits for three days at a wait step.
7. The contact is sent your final campaign in the drip series.
8. A goal at the bottom of the automation waits for a contact to make a purchase. If at any point, the contact does make a purchase, it will have the contact jump to the goal and exit the automation.

Note: Feel free to build multiple triggers for all the holiday campaigns you want to trigger this focused sales drip. In our example, we use our kickoff email announcing the sale.

Note: Feel free to adjust the condition in the goal to how you track a purchase being made. In our example, we use the Ecommerce condition to check for the field "last purchase date". Once it is current date, meaning the contact bought today, the contact will jump down to the goal action and exit the automation.

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