Holiday Abandoned Cart


When you're trying to convince someone to make a purchase, why not be as detailed as possible?

When running a holiday sale, you're likely using something eye catching in your marketing. Maybe this is specific holiday content, a series of designed email templates, or showing off your top products on sale. Make sure to incorporate this holiday element into your regular processes too, like an abandoned cart workflow.

This automation is triggered when a contact abandons a cart on your ecommerce store. The trigger is further segmented with date/time conditions for the duration of your holiday sale, so contacts only enter when it's occurring. The contact is then sent an abandoned cart reminder email in line with your other holiday messaging.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they abandon a cart during the time frame in the segment condition.
2. The contact is sent an email reminding the contact about their cart.

Note: In our example, our Date/Time conditions are "current day of the month is greater than equal to 10" and "current month is December". This is for a sale that would start on December 10th and run through the month. Feel free to adjust this to what makes sense for your business.

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