Google Contacts: Update contact when they unsubscribe from list


Have you ever been talking and someone randomly changes the subject?

It's important to communicate to contacts with subject matter they have opted into. If a contact is hearing about something they're uninterested in, or have opted out completely, their interest, and patience, will drop rapidly.

This automation uses ActiveCampaign's powerful integration with Google Contacts to update a contact record when they unsubscribe from a list. You can set up a group in Google Contacts for unsubscribed contacts and move the contact into that group. This ensures you are saving their preferences across both platforms.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered when the contact unsubscribes from the list specified in the trigger.
2. The contact record is updated in Google Contacts.

NOTE: You will need to choose the group you want to put the contact in and the fields you want mapped over.

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