Google Contacts: Add/Update contact when they are tagged as highly engaged


Who are your best customers?

It's always good to know how engaged the contact you're talking to is. Highly engaged users tend to be more familiar with your product, could be repeat customers, and have opinions about your product from a very experienced point of view. These contacts are a great source of product feedback, reviews, and advocates for your brand.

This automation uses ActiveCampaign's powerful integration with Google Contacts to update a contact record when they are tagged as highly engaged. You can then pass over important information via field mapping or move them to a specific group for highly engaged individuals.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered when the contact is tagged as highly engaged.
2. The contact record is updated in Google Contacts or created if one doesn't exist yet.

NOTE: You will need to choose the group you want to put the contact in and the fields you want mapped over.

NOTE: You can combine this automation recipe with others in the Marketplace like tracking engagement to assign the tags.

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