Google Contacts: Add contact when lead score reaches threshold


Do you organize your contacts all the same?

Your contacts are unique and they take unique actions all the time. Contact scoring helps users set behaviors they want to track, how much each action is worth, and a threshold so they can know when a contact has done enough to merit the next step.

This automation uses ActiveCampaign's powerful integration with Google Contacts to create a contact record when a score threshold is met. You can then send these contacts into a separate group from contacts who aren't engaging or taking the actions wanted. Keeping these lists separate allows you to focus on the communication that each audience requires.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered when the contact reaches the score threshold specified.
2. A contact record is created in Google Contacts or updated if it already exists.

NOTE: You will need to choose the group you want to put the contact in and the fields you want mapped over.

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