Frank Kern's 4 Day Cash Machine

Greg Getner

The 4 Day Cash Machine was created by Internet Marketing Guru Frank Kern. This is the full version of the cash machine which is longer form copy, and is ideal if you have a lot of bonuses to go with your main offer. If you'd like a shorter version without bonuses, you can check out my Frank Kern's 4 Day Cash Machine - Abridged automation.

The 4 Day Cash Machine is a quick and easy email campaign that has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars into your business in a matter of hours.

To get the best results, offer a significant discount. You could tie this into a
holiday sale like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or make up your own reason for the

If you have informational products you could offer your returns or older
products at a discount.

It's also important that you send all four emails.

The smart way to go about this campaign:

1.) Test the campaign with a small segment of your list. Then keep testing
until you are happy with the results.
2.) Emails 1, 2, and 3 are scheduled to go out at 8am each day via Active campaign Goals
3.) Email #4 is scheduled to go out at 12AM on the final day.

The automation has been built to be scheduled in advance using goal conditions at each step.

I've also removed instances of the word "FREE" in the email copy and substituted with more email friendly copy, as the word "FREE" can be a spam trigger.

As soon as the contact makes a purchase, then they will be removed from any further promotional emails in this series.


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