Frank Kern's 4 Day Cash Machine - Abridged

Greg Getner

This is an abridged take on Frank Kern's 4 Day Cash Machine.

It's a quick and easy email campaign that has the potential to bring in thousands
of dollars into your business in a matter of hours.

To get the best results, offer a significant discount. Research shows that 20% is ideal, but you should test different amounts that work for your business.

You could tie this automation into a holiday sale like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or make up your own reason for the discount. If you have information products you could offer your returns or older products at a discount.

It's also important that you send all four emails.

The smart way to go about this automation:
1.) Test the automation with a small segment of your list. Then keep testing
until you are happy with the results.
2.) Emails #1, #2 and #3 are sent to send out at 7am each day in the contact's timezone.
3.) Email #4 sends at 12:00AM on the final day in the contact's timezone

The idea is that you want to send this to your audience around holidays or special events. It's a series of 4 emails designed to incentivize purchase via a transactional offer (ie. 30% off), and when they do purchase, they are removed from the automation.

As opposed to the original version of the cash machine, the copy on this is abridged, which is best suited for brands that do not have lots of bonuses to offer in addition to their main product or who just don't want to write a lot of copy.


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