Follow Up Directly From a Link Click


When is a good time to start up a sales conversation? How about when a contact expresses interest? When a contact clicks a link in your email, they’re learning more about you and your product. They may naturally have questions. Reach out proactively so your contacts can get the clarification they need.

This automation adds points to a contact’s engagement score and sends a personalized email from your inbox when they click a link in an email. Specify the link and email so you can personalize the message even more.

Here’s how Follow Up Directly From a Link Click works:
1. The automation is triggered when your contact clicks the specified link listed in your trigger.
2. The contact arrives at an add points action, adding points to a scoring total.
3. The contact then comes to a send 1:1 email action, getting a personalized email directly from your connected email inbox.
4. The automation ends.

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