Failed Billing Reminders Automation Recipe


It's no secret -- businesses need money to work. And when payment methods need updating, sometimes your contacts need a little reminder to do it.

The Failed Billing Reminders Automation Recipe can help you remind contacts about payments without you needing to remember to do it.

This automation reminds contacts about billing updates so you don't have to. When a tag is applied indicating a customer's billing has failed, the automation delivers email reminders to update their payment. This tag can be added manually, or by a third party integration.

How does the failed billing reminders automation work?

Here's how the failed billing reminders automation works:

1. This automation is triggered when a tag is added to a contact indicating that their billing method failed to process. You might use a tag such as "Billing failed." You can create that tag now if it doesn't already exist. This tag would need to be added manually, by an integration to your payment platform, or through a third-party integration, like Zapier.
2. Once the tag is added, the automation begins sending failed billing email reminders to the contact. You can adjust wait periods between emails to your liking. You can also adjust how many failed billing reminders to send throughout the automation.
3. This Goal action looks for the removal of the same "Billing failed" tag that triggered the automation. When the contact's updated payment is successful and that tag is removed, the contact will jump to the Goal action which ends the automation.

What do you need to use the failed billing reminders automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a third-party tagging integration (if not adding tag manually), and a contact list!

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