Event: Email Automation for Event Volunteers


How do you manage volunteers for your event? Do you have a volunteer management system or program to send your volunteers their instructions or additional information about your event?

The "Event: Email Automation for Event Volunteers" automation recipe manages your volunteer communication from the time a prospective volunteer fills out your request for volunteers form until the day after the event.

This automation recipe helps you with:

- Finding volunteers for events
- Volunteer confirmation
- Volunteer coordination and organization
- Managing volunteer expectations
- Finding volunteers for future events

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

1. Create an ActiveCampaign form for interested volunteers
2. Create an ActiveCampaign form for volunteer confirmation and request for more information
3. Create a date-based custom contact field for the volunteer date or event date

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits your "Volunteer Interest Form"
2. The automation sends an automated, "Thank you for your interest in volunteering" email to confirm volunteer interest, and contains a link to your "More Volunteer Information Request" form
3. The automation waits up to 5 days until the prospective volunteer submits your "More Volunteer Information Request" form
4. After 5 days, the automation checks to see if the contact has submitted the confirmation form.
5. If Yes, the automation sends a notification to your team member responsible for organizing the volunteers. Your team member will then enter the date of the event into the confirmed volunteer's contact information in the custom "Volunteer Date" contact field you created
6. The automation waits until the "Volunteer Date" is the current date and the time is 7:00 am local time
7. The automation sends an email to the event volunteers with information about the event, their roles and responsibilities, and any other necessary information they need
8. The automation waits 1 day
9. The automation sends a "Thank you for volunteering" email, you can include future volunteer opportunities in that email as well as a schedule for upcoming events.
10. The automation ends.
11. If no, The automation sends a "Volunteer confirmation follow-up" email, prompting your potential volunteers to complete the "More Volunteer Information Request" form
12. The automation waits up to 3 days for your prospective volunteers to complete and submit that form
13. The automation checks again to see if the contacts have completed the form.
14. If yes, The automation sends the contact down the confirmed volunteer path (steps 5-10 in this automation)
15. If no, the automation ends


- You can change any the wait steps to whichever length of time works for your volunteer management process
- You can notify additional team members about a confirmed volunteer if necessary
- If you're not using a form, you can change the "If/Else" conditions to however you're tracking volunteer commitment for the event
- You can use your own landing page builder instead of an ActiveCampaign form via integrations for the start trigger and additional information request form

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