Pre-Event email series and Post-Event Follow-Up Sequence


What are your strategies to increase event attendance? Are you looking for new ways to increase attendance at events? What about event follow-up? Do you need a process to ask for a testimonial, a review, or feedback?

The "Event: Pre-event email series and Post-Event Follow-Up Sequence" automation recipe takes your event email marketing program to the next level! This recipe gives you a system for pre-event drip emails, as well as post-event follow-up emails to ensure your event registrants and attendees have everything they need.

With this automation recipe you can send

- "Thank you for registering" emails
- Event details
- Promotional emails
- Review request emails
- Post event thank you emails
- Feedback request emails
- Event announcement emails for upcoming events
- Early bird discount emails for future events

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, create a date-based custom contact field for "Date of Event".

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a "Signed Up For Event" tag is applied to a contact
2. The automation waits until the automation goal, "1 Month Before Event" is achieved (Note: you can change the goal to reflect any amount of time prior to the event that you'd like to send your first informational email)
3. The automation sends a, "We're excited to have you at our upcoming event" email
4. The automation waits until the automation goal, "2 weeks from event" is achieved
5. The automation sends an "Important information for the upcoming event" email
6. The automation waits until the automation goal, "Day of Event" is achieved
7. The automation sends a "Day of event" informational email
8. The automation waits 1 day
9. The automation checks each contact for the tag "Attended event"
10. If a contact does NOT have the tag, the automation ends
11. If a contact does have the tag, the automation sends a "Thanks for attending our event" email
12. The automation waits 1 week
13. The automation sends an "upcoming events" email notifying your event attendees of other events they might be interested in
14. The automation ends


- In this example, we use automation goals instead of wait actions to trigger the pre-event emails. We do this because your contacts might register for the event somewhere between a month and 2 weeks out, or between 2 weeks and 1 day out. Using goals ensures they receive the next email in the chain, rather than receiving an email with incorrect information about when the event is. You wouldn't want a contact to receive an email telling them the event is 1 month away when it's actually next week.
- You can change the length of time on any wait step or automation goal in the recipe to better reflect your process and company
- You can add or subtract any amount of pre-event or post-event emails. The post-event sequences is a great time to ask for reviews via email, and to increase ticket sales or attendance for your upcoming events.

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