Customer Win-Back A/B Split Automation Recipe


When a customer cancels your service, it's natural to want them back. A customer win-back email series is a good idea, but here's a question to consider:

How do you know what a contact is going to respond to in a win-back email?

There's no way to know exactly what a customer will respond to in an email. But you can use A/B split testing to get the best idea of what will make them come back.

And good news -- you can use the Customer Win-Back A/B Split Automation Recipe to decide what win-back email campaign to continue sending to canceled customers.

This automation recipe helps you determine the best strategy for winning back contacts who cancel your services. A select number of contacts are split and sent down 2 different automation pathways. Once the final contact is sent down either pathway, the automation looks at which campaign path had more successful win-backs.

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How does the customer win-back A/B split automation work?

Here's how the customer win-back A/B split automation works:

1. This automation begins when a contact is assigned a tag to indicate a cancelation. This tag will need to be added by an integration with your platform or through a third-party integration, such as Zapier. This automation will not work for contacts who unsubscribe from your list.
2. The contacts with the Canceled tag are divided between the split paths. This action is set to split the first 300 contacts evenly between each path. Feel free to adjust the split conditions to what makes sense for you. Currently, it's set based on a certain number of contacts, but you can also set it to split indefinitely or until a specific date.
3. The contacts go through the customer win-back email series. The email series will be different between pathways to determine what customers respond better to. These emails can include incentives like discounts or ask for feedback to try and win back canceled customers. You can try different content, subject lines. or wait times between email sends. You can adjust wait periods and how many emails are sent as you like.
4. The contacts continue through the series until the final contact in your specified volume has been split. The automation then checks to see which path has gotten more win-backs by that time. Use the Goals "Customer Win Back A" for one condition and "Customer Win Back B" for the other. The condition to achieve the goal down either path is that the contact loses the Canceled tag and is set to be path specific.
5. The automation ends.

What do you need to use the customer win-back A/B split automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, an integration for tagging, and a contact list!

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