Bonjoro video: Personal upsell after purchase


Someone just bought your product. They are emotionally connected with the purchase and right after their buy you offer them an accessory that goes great with it... Do they snap it up?

In business this is called an upsell. Imagine you sell an online training course but you also have a more expensive option for 1:1 training you offer right after.

It's a great way to increase your sales if done right.

In the personal upsell after purchase automation, after someone makes a purchase the system will check to see if they bought the accessory (or upsell). If not, the campaign will trigger a task for a personal video to record in Bonjoro.

Personal video increases engagement and open rates and it is a great way to both thank them for their purchase with a human touch, and connect that emotion of being thanked to your brand and what you stand for, thereby increasing the chances of them buying more.

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