Bonjoro video: Get More Engagement Around Virtual Events/Summits/Galas


As the world continues to change and physical events/summits/galas are getting cancelled, does your organization have a plan to keep donors and community members engaged and supporting your cause?

We hope so. And we would love to help.

One way is to take events online with virtual summits. A virtual event is where people meet on platforms like Zoom and network, hold speeches, raffles etc. just like a standard charity event. They allow charities and non-profits to continue to have that human connection with their base.

With the Virtual Charity Summit automation, right after someone registers for your event (paid or free) you can personally welcome them. Then, after the event is over, based on whether they attended or did not (you will have to tag attendees manually or have automation that does this based on page visits, a sign-in form etc.), you will either personally follow-up for the close (if they attended) or send them an automated email with the recording (if they missed it)

Who can use this automation? Anyone who is:

Hosting a virtual fundraising gala/event/summit
Hosting a free event
Hosting a paid event
Hosting a donor social event
Hosting an online webinar

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