Assign New Deal Owner When Deal Value Hits Threshold


Deals change. They are dynamic and can change in a multitude of ways, maybe a contact suddenly jumps to a new stage or plateaus in the middle of your funnel. Or maybe the value changes, becoming more valuable. Respond in real time and ensure you have the right team members in charge of it.

This automation updates a deal owner, notifies the new deal owners, and adds a task for them to reach out when a deal hits a specified threshold. This allows your team to not miss a beat as deals change in real time.

Here’s how Assign New Deal Owner When Deal Value Hits Threshold works:
1. The contact enters the automation when their deal value changes above a specified threshold. In our example, we have this for when a deal becomes worth more than $1000.
2. The contact then arrives at an update deal owner step, assigning them a specified new owner.
3. The contact moves along to a notify step, which sends the new deal owner a message with all the deal’s pertinent information and further instructions.
4. The contact arrives at an add task action, which creates a task for the deal owner to reach out and introduce themselves.
5. The contact exits the automation.

Note: We have this recipe used for when a certain threshold in value is reached, but you could easily tweak the trigger to be for when a deal loses value, changes stage, etc. Feel free to adjust to what makes sense for your business.

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