Healthcare: Appointment Reminder and Post-Appointment Feedback


"When's my appointment again?"

How many times have you had to answer this for contacts? Or even worse, followed up with a contact who didn't show up, only to find out they had the wrong day? Situations like these can easily be avoided, without adding sending out constant reminders to your daily to-do list.

This automation uses a date based custom field for the contact's next appointment to run a series of touchpoints reminding the contacts of their upcoming appointment. We even automate the follow-up by sending a satisfaction survey to the contact the next day so you can get valuable feedback.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contact enters the automation when their appointment date in the custom field is 3 days away.
2. The contact is sent a reminder email.
3. The contact waits for two days at a wait step.
4. The contact is sent another reminder email.
5. The contact waits for another day at a wait step.
6. The contact is sent an SMS reminding them the appointment is today and providing other details.
7. The contact waits for another day at a wait step.
8. The contact is sent an email to gather feedback on their satisfaction with their appointment.

Note: This is our example of how the flow should be timed. Feel free to adjust the timing to what makes sense for your processes and add or remove actions as necessary.

Note: To include a feedback form in the final email you can use an ActiveCampaign form or include a link to whatever form integration you are using.

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